50% Bonus


Welcome Bonus

35% Welcome Bonus on Initial deposit for all new and returning clients of Fido Markets.

Offer Period

Promotional offer from August 1st to September 30th 2022.


The Welcome bonus will be applicable for 120 days from the date of deposit.

Offer Eligibility Criteria

Welcome Bonus is available for new Clients and any returning clients. Returning clients are those who didn’t trade for 2 months or lost their account trading.

The client must have opened a trading account with Fidomarkets.com as per their choice, and get their KYC cleared.

Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. Welcome Bonus is available only to Clients on their first deposit.
  2. Maximum of 35% of the deposited funds will be awarded as Welcome bonus
  3. Minimum $300 deposit is required to receive the Welcome Bonus
  4. Maximum bonus awarded will be 5000$ per client.
  5. Welcome Bonus is applicable to one trading account only per client. It cannot be transferred to any other trading account of the same client or to other client.
  6. The Welcome Bonus will be provided as credit and added to your equity on your trading account.
  7. The Welcome Bonus is not withdrawable.
  8. The client doesn’t have to compensate for the welcome bonus in case of loss.
  9. Welcome bonus will be removed if the client withdraws the funds below the deposited capital.
  10. When the equity falls below the deposited balance, the client will be given 7days notice to ensure that the equity is maintained above the deposited balance. Post which the bonus will be removed.
  11. If there are open positions in the relevant Trading Account, and the equity in this Account is lower than the Active Rewards, then the Welcome Bonus awarded will not be credited to the Trading Account until such time that there are no open positions in the Trading Account.
  12. The Company reserves the rights to terminate the Welcome Bonus with immediate effect, by notifying client in advance.
  13. If the Company suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has more than one account under this Program, the Company reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and without obtaining the Client’s consent to remove the Welcome Bonus from the Client’s Trading Account(s) with immediate effect.
  14. The Client is responsible for being updated of any changes and/or amendments in the terms and conditions of this Welcome Bonus.
  15. These Terms and Conditions are made in English language.


  1. On receiving the above, the client confirms and accepts to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions as set out by the offer provided by Fido Markets.
  2. The company reserves the rights to suspend the trading accounts of the clients to protect any unethical or market abusive trading.
  3. Any non-traded accounts for more than 90 days will be removed from all offers provided.